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Response to a blog from Serco

15, October 2013

I have already attempted to post it here but it may not get past their moderator!

A National Probation Service was first established in 2001 – how will ignorance of probation history make you a ‘safe pair of hands’?

You haven’t dealt with the well reported point that apparently risk of harm levels change in about 25% of supervision cases – how will swapping agencies and supervisors at a critical time reduce the risk of reoffending?

You’ve also ignore the flaws in the Offender Rehabilitation Bill which as currently proposed – amendments having been rejected by Government means that people sentenced to 7 days imprisonment as a new add on to a sentence will be compulsorily supervised for a whole 12 months, like those sentenced to 11 months 29 days. This will be virtually unmanageable and will result in many, many recalls to custody (as the ACR [automatic conditional release] experience has already taught since 1992) – the decisions about recommendation for recall will apparently be taken not by Serco’s agents but by staff from the established National Probation Service – who will have had no direct contact with those not complying with their licences.

Like other PR folk who think it is just a case of how the organisations are structured – you have no real idea of the practicalities – if you do you will publish these comments and give them a cogent response.

I could go on – but there seems no point.

You are welcome to attempt to post a response and if I can work out how and it is not offensive – I will add it below – thanks for reading.

Andrew Hatton


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