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Jeremy Bamber and The European Court of Human Rights, again or perhaps at last would be better!

22, July 2012

Bamber and his application certainly attracts much apparently informed but short sited comment.

There was a blog seeming to base opposition to his application because he does not justify sympathy and out of a belief in his guilt. To me neither is relevant as the issue is about the legality of fully served life sentences.

I am struggling with the technicalities of linking articles and comments via WordPress so please forgive any dyslexic stumbling if it is not as easy to “click through” as might be expected.

Here is a link to what Alexander Baron wrote;

and my response to that which may hold some interest;

“I do not know whether Bamber is guilty or innocent. My former professional practice is sufficiently ingrained to accept the verdict of the court at the current time. I believe we best strive to minimise the likelihood of there being more victims whilst supporting the provision of the most apposite compensation now for any existing victims. I also want us to maintain the UK criminal justice and penal system with humanity, integrity and with financially economy. That too involves me, in my flawed way; at all times endeavouring to act in the manner of Quaker co-founder George Fox and “Walk cheerfully over the earth answering to that of God in everyone.”

In other words I really do believe there is potential for a future positive human contribution from, Jeremy Bamber, Alexander Baron and me, as well as you, now reading this.

Although it is around 26 years since I last saw Bamber, face to face, in Court I am certain that the photograph used to illustrate Alexander Baron’s article is not Jeremy Bamber, neither is it the same face as in the small photo at the head of the article with the word “Alexander” underwritten!

Baron’s article was prompted by a hearing before The European Court of Human Rights that is being pursued to obtain a ruling to determine whether in cases similar to that of Bamber it is ever right to sentence a person to remain in custody until death unless they are released on compassionate grounds or following an Appeal that reverses an earlier conviction.  Consequently sympathy for Bamber or a belief that he is guilty or innocent is irrelevant at this juncture.

I saw that in The Daily Express Nigel Farage of UKIP was quoted.  He said; “The European Court is interfering again with British justice. Time and again it opposes the decisions of our government and judgements of our courts.”  Here is that article;

and an opinion piece they published in the same edition;

I was prompted to write to the editor as follows;

At least Alexander Baron, unlike Nicholas Farage and the Daily Express, does not dispute the right of any of us to take a dispute to the European Court of Human Rights which exists as a consequence of treaties involving the 47 member countries, of which the UK is a proud founder member. Hopefully it is constructive to have at least found one point about which he and I seem to agree!”


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