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Equality and Inclusiveness – thoughts prompted by the Peace and Justice Project launch and two radio programmes

Two names to remember from BBC World Service on 18th January 2021

Young equalities and Climate activist Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate is on a mission to make sure Africa is listened to on climate justice – 04.06 – The Climate Question

BBC World Service – The Climate Question, Does Africa have a voice on climate?

BBC World Service – The Climate Question, Does Africa have a voice on climate?

Olympe de Gouges: France’s forgotten revolutionary heroine – 03.06 – The Documentary

I listened in the context of the launch of the Peace and Justice project on Sunday.

Vanessa Nakate – reminds me that even in progressive organisations we need to check that all contributors have fair access to present their ideas especially Black and Young women.

Olympe Gouge’s story stresses the same point that all people really does mean all people – including those in the aristocracy and with pre-existing power –

Furthermore although not mentioned in the programme – I wonder if Olympe Gouge may have been an unrecognised dyspraxic – two thing in particular are noteworthy – she had difficulty writing – presumably legibly and so dictated to others and she also could not keep up with the extent of her own thinking (that is my particular difficulty – resulting in major difficulties of organisation and communication.)

The fact of her possible dyspraxia reminds me we must be continually open to the fact that others (and for some themselves) are people with unrecognised hidden neurological disabilities – such as dyspraxia, dyslexia ( my two) but also Asperger Syndrome -ADHD etc., etc..

Jeremy Corbyn’s way of doing things asserts – that nobody is to be personally denigrated for who they are though what they say and posit should stand up to challenge and scrutiny.

Question and response about having Dyspraxia/DCD as an adult


First the opening question from an online forum:

“Hello All

Im new to this group, ive suffered with Dyspraxia since I was a child then got discharged. Ive been referred back to see an occupational therapist for help as im having quite a lot of issues thats affecting my daily life. Please can anyone advise what they do when you first get referred for Dyspraxia? Do they do tests or what happens please? im on the waiting list so GP have advised there is a long waiting list.


My spontaneous response (I am sure it can be improved with editing)

“It all depends on geography and luck – what will happen at one GPs surgery will be different from another – you may meet with understanding and encouraging support or virtual rejection of the idea that anything needs to be done by the NHS in relation to Dyspraxia.

I hope that you get lots of replies – you may discover more by searching earlier posts and responses on this website and others.

I especially check out the Dyspraxia Foundation – I hope that you will consider joining.

I post and read a lot about dyspraxia and have tried to stay aware of news in recent years – I expect no official help now although eventually – after 12 years and two non diagnoses by NHS Consultant Neurologists in Colchester, Essex, and Whitechapel London – 12 years later I was actually diagnosed by an NHS locum psychiatrist in Colchester, by which time I was 64 and had already been retired from work, partly consequential on Dyspraxia and my discovery of the condition in 1999, when I was fifty.

I also had a private assessment by a chartered clinical psychologist suggested by the Dyspraxia Foundation – personally I have not had any help via a referral an to NHS Occupational Therapy Clinic – as the person who was allocated to see me had no experience of dyspraxia in adults – it seemed it was a waste of time for me and him – when he already had more than enough to do and could probably be of more assistance to other patients.

Nonetheless I think Occupational therapy might help me – but my experiences at contacting a private OT clinic were not successful and again – I chose not to actually be seen by them after a telephone consultation.

The best help I have had comes from my own awareness of the condition gained by multifarious experiences – especially in the early days of meeting up with other Dyspraxic adults.

I wish you well.

I do not hold the copyright for the illustration I have used which benignly represents me – as I was earlier today – dressed in underpants and pyjamas at lunchtime! ”

captain underpants being drawn

A few days left to hear this play

BBC Radio 3 - Drama on 3, I Am the Wind Screenshot_2020-07-09

I thought it was excellent, informative and entertaining and very troubling.

Grenfell Tower – Windrush – the resilience of humans

Yet again my generation is shamed.

Origin of the Mersey Ferry

Origin of Mersey Ferry Screenshot_2020-06-26 PAGE 5 - Liverpool Daily Post Thursday 07 May 1914 British Newspaper Archive-

Acording to this discovery from a Screenshot of part of PAGE 5 – Liverpool Daily Post Thursday 07 May 1914 via the British Newspaper Archive.

Defendants with hidden disabilities don’t get fair trials, says watchdog – insidetime & insideinformation

Source: Defendants with hidden disabilities don’t get fair trials, says watchdog – insidetime & insideinformation

I was not aware that the Commission had taken up this cause – I doubt it will get much media exposure

NHS: TRACK AND TRACE ….. what you can expect.


Circulated to me by Neighbourhood watch coordinator on behalf of Essex Police who ask that it be shared as widely and quickly as possibleCirculated to me by Neighbourhood watch coordinator on behalf of Essex police who ask that it be shared as widely and quickly as possible
Circulated to me by Neighbourhood watch coordinator on behalf of Essex police who ask that it be shared as widely and quickly as possible. page 2
The Track and trace Website is here

The Full Guidance is here

Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch Website is here


A Question to the Maghull and Lydiate U3A, Local History Group


Captain Herd's Bridge, Wallbrook Lane, Lydiate, Extract of Scan - Ordnance Survey 6 inch map - Lancashire XCI 1849
(Captain Herd’s Bridge, Wallbrook Lane, Lydiate, Extract of Scan – Ordnance Survey 6 inch map – Lancashire XCI 1849)

From here:


This is another query.

Bell’s Lane – In the 1970s, there was a small general store on the left hand side before Captain Herd’s Bridge – I occasionally used it for emergencies purchases on a Sunday afternoon when most larger stores were closed. I lived in Turnbridge Road Maghull.

I am just generally curious about it and the immediate area. I was prompted to think about this when I saw some online reminiscences from the question – do you remember when everywhere was closed on a Sunday.


I wrote my own reminiscences and thought they would be improved with a picture – hence my search began and along the way I discovered the name of the bridge – that I knew as the Running Horse Turnbridge.

I see down the years it has attracted lots of other names but also that “The Runnies” does not appear to be named on any Ordnance Survey Map, at least none available for the Lydiate area from the scans by the National Library of Scotland – thus far I came to your website. sat that another has posted a query and so add mine as maybe a way of connecting with folk with an interest in the local history of South west Lancashire.


Thank you for the opportunity to at least post my question on your website.


I nowadays do not leave home much, so the biggest problem, thus far the Covid-19 restrictions has caused is getting supplies online – which now we can manage just about by using the independent local traders in our part of Essex.


Our part of Essex is Tolleshunt Knights, in Maldon District, immediately bordering Tiptree in Colchester Borough – not unlike the way my home in Maghull was once almost on the border with Lydiate.


With good wishes,


Andrew S Hatton.


NOTE – a view of Bell’s Lane, Lydiate from Google Streetview website captured in August 2008.

Bell's Lane, Lydiate, Google Street View, August 2008,-2.9512981,3a,75y,244.92h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJL5GBLbhDIXLW_BmkjxgMw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB

I am fairly sure that back in the 1970s, the little shop to which I refer was in one of the cottages on the left, now cream coloured – I think it may have been the centre cottage. Those propertise could be over one hundred and fifty years old going by my looking at various maps I have seen published by The Ordnance Survey, some of which are over a century old, although, my reading of the scan above, suggests that those cottages photographed were not there in 1846..

I am now curious about Captain Herd and his bridge on Wallbrook Lane, possibly the mapmaker wrongly named both, I wonder if I shall ever discover.

I shall be interested to see if any information is forthcoming from that Local History Group in Maghull and Lydiate where I asked my question.

My question has been succesfully posted here and may get a reply when some of those Merseyside local historians get to read it!

A query from abroad

Sodexo – trusted government contractor and Covid-19 testing.

As reported in Private Eye Number 1521 – page 10. was it because they did so well with probation?

Sodexo & codid 19 testing p10 Eye1521


Private Eye 1521

Is the Napo Forum gone or is my connection broken?

This is all I can get

Scan of Probation Forum - with text added



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