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“our cock-eyed crook-coddling criminal justice system”

Boris Johnson in Daily Telegraph - Monday 9th May 2019 - Letting drug dealers out of prison to go on spa breaks is criminally stupid

I came to this article

with this quote  today consequent on it being referenced in a blog review of the year

regarding probation as an example of how out of touch with the reality of front line criminal justice system is our prime minister.

The first think I noticed was a basic journalism shortcoming, which suggests that the editor was also at fault, in that a correction was needed because the main point Mr Johnson was making was simply wrong.

Before folk who have no real face to face experience of actual criminal justice at the pinch points, start telling those who have how it is and should be, journalists, politicians and especially policy makers need to properly understand what it is like to work within the crazy muddled system that we have been given by piecemeal legislation that looks for good headlines and votes before it considers the actual outcomes of policies.

That means any changes need to be piloted in small samples, initially in different places.

We have examples of successful piloting – Community Service, and Probation Day Centres from the legislation, I think in 1972 (I was actually involved with that on the fringes) and more recently, something most will have not even heard of, but is almost 100% successful, Circles of Support and Accountability – for serious sex offenders, from a shared project initially between the Home Office and Quakers in Britain, from the early 2000s – I was a trustee of the Quaker organisation that part funded and organised one of the piloted schemes, that has since become independent.

We also have experiences of not piloting and muddled legislation which for example led to the timing of the policy changes (as I think will eventually be demonstrated) that had Usman Khan at liberty in December 2019 without the appropriate safeguards in place. I suspect he probably should not have been at liberty or if he was he should have been better monitored by highly experienced and well-resourced staff with the opportunity to react swiftly if changes were needed – in other words not overloaded with work as most probation frontline practitioners are these days.


Government quietly seek bids for Probation Contracts.

During the General election Purdah period 2019

This from Private Eye 1511 – 13th December 2019.

It seems as if a stubborn Government refuse to learn from experience.

Probation Privatisation - Private Eye again 1511 p36 13122019 - clipped

Profile – Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn 2019-11-15.png

It was Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s attitude to probation when they were memebers of the Justice Seelect Committee in the House of Commons that got me interested in him and I surprised myself to join Labour when Corbyn’s leadership was challenged in 2016. By then I knew I could never back the Liberal Democrats again because of the way theu abandoned probation and helped Conservatives wreck what we had in England and Wales that had already ben incrementally removed from being basically an agency of social welfare that took public protection very seriously to an agency that has community punishment as its disastrous focus.

I enjoyed this write up about Corbyn

Towards the UK General Election 2019 in one part of one English county constituency

Guardia 301019-Screenshot_2019-11-12 PressReader com - Your favorite newspapers and magazines.png

We are told that this really will be the online General Election and yet in many Social Media groups political discussions are discouraged.

Consequently I have started a Facebook Group called “Tiptree in Witham Parliamentary Constituency – General Election Talk 2019” so that there is at least one website for folk in and around Tiptree, Essex where political content is actually invited!

Facebook Group Tiptree in Witham CC Screenshot_2019-11-11 Tiptree in Witham Parliamentary Constituency - General Election Talk 2019(1).png

I hope that you can find it here: –

I have written a Facebook post today, in which for the first time, I have tagged, my ludicrously so called “Facebook Friends”!

The only people I have ever made “so called Facebook friends” are actually all family. I am sure they understand Facebook much better than I & maybe will help me as I attempt to run my first ever Facebook Group.

I do not like using Facebook for myriad reasons. Sadly though to reach many people via the Internet nowadays, it does seem essential to use Facebook.

I am sorry Yahoo have just announced they have closed all their social media groups. I first signed up for what came to be known as a Yahoo Group in 2001 (I think it was the Dyspraxia one, but I also joined FantasticOs at about the same time)

FantasticOs & Yahoo’s Dyspraxia Group had begun as email lists like “QuakerB” which I think was the very first I joined – I recall receiving a demonstration at a large Quaker event at Friends House in London in the late 1990s

Originally the reason they were strangely titled was because the titles were restricted for technical space reasons to very few characters. “QuakerB” was a shortening of something like “Quaker Befriending Group”. “FantasticOs” (still used in part, in it’s Facebook replacement today) was an adaptation of something like “Fans of Leyton Orient” a football team, one of whose nicknames has been just “The Os” – probably since Clapton Orient moved across the River Lea in the 1930s and then after the second world war changed their name to Leyton Orient.

Are you spotting a tendency here for the topic in hand to drift? That is probably at least partly consequential on my dyspraxia, a condition I share with several other close family members including my deceased mother. Sometimes I edit, ruthlessly, but more often, nowadays I just try to make what I write understandable.

So, it was by joining email lists and then Yahoo Groups and to a lesser extent Google Groups that from about 2000 I mostly began making online contact with folk I did not already know face to face after I had already been using email for two or three years.

I do not go out at all nowadays unless it cannot be avoided – so I have created this group where politics can be discussed and questions asked and together we can try to find answers.

Inevitably my prejudices will show through – but I hope that all politely expressed opinions will be welcomed.

However – I am The actual group Administrator and although I hope to welcome all I will not tolerate product advertising or profanity. I do recognise that the boundaries between information sharing and advertising and profanity can become blurred.

Andrew S Hatton.

I also operate two so called “Facebook Pages” “Andrew S Hatton’s Public Miscellany” is the title of one and now the title of the other is “Essex Area Adult Dyspraxia Gathering does not meet at present” but I can tag neither here.

Additionally I have an old now unused stagnant Blog – here and THIS more active one. Therefore you have several ways you can communicate with me additionally if you prefer not to use Facebook – so comments about the election particularly as related to Tiptree and the Witham parliamentary constituency in Essex are also invited here.

Thanks for reading – please feel welcome to respond below.

Potential Crime Tiptree/Wickham Bishops/Maldon, Essex

CRIME WARNING -Screenshot_2019-11-07 Maldon JUICY GOSSIP group

This post was scanned from Maldon Juicy Gossip Facebook Group a few minutes ago & is posted here so others can share it if desired.


I have tangled with these types in the past and confirm it is not part of any official rehabilitations scheme.

If they have been in Wickham Bishops this week – we can expect them in the Tiptree area soon if they have not been here already.

Also do not leave keys or items within vision of windows or front-door – I once caught one of these teams peering through my window near a table with itmes that would have been better alternatively located.

On that occasion two or three years ago – I gave up trying to get an immediate response from police – which is what was needed.

I have since read they have been reported to be in the High Street area of Maldon today.


Map of Braintree county Parliamentary Constituency General Election 12th December 2019

Map of Braintree parliamentary constituency map GE 2019 Screenshot_2019-10-31 Election Maps larger